Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Little Different

I entered a Valentine's day swap online. This is my third swap I have ever entered. I am hopeing third time is the charm and everything goes alright. We were to make a heart with their initial on it  and add a bit of chocolate with it.  So I did that and now have it packaged and ready to be posted on February 1st.  Thought I might show a few pics.....


Magnetic snap.


  Betty Boop Tote

Can you see the D in buttons and rhinestones?

I also did some more work on my elongated hexagons for my Pam Buda quilt.

 If you  are in the United States stay warm and sew on!  Martha.

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What a pretty tote that you made--
I love black, white and red together for some reason--so really enjoyed the pictures--thanks
hugs, di and miss gracie in the cold north east usa