Thursday, January 23, 2014

Block Exchange

I have joined a block exchange with a group of nine others in my Pine Tree Patchworkers Quilt Guild.  Actually  four small blocks make up one large block.  It is a foundation pieced scrappy block that is 6 1/2" square with bright colors ( She requested). Each of us has a month we are responsible for and February is Carol Nelson our President of guild's month.  Here is a pic of one block.....

and the back side.....

We are each making 8 small blocks and Carol will distribute them throughout the quilt so as to get a good visual mix of scrappy.
I will give you an idea of the block put together....

So those are my eight blocks.  I am also making one block for myself of each  month's exchange so that I may have some sort of record of what we do this year.  We will see if I keep up.

I also am doing some more work on my Pam Buda quilt that has elongated hexies in it.

With all this cold weather I hope you have set aside some time to sew too! Martha.

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