Monday, March 24, 2014

A Finish!

I have finally finished "Something Blue" by Pam Buda. So many little pieces .  They are cut 1 1/2 " but are 1" finished. The whole quilt is only 33 1/2" square.

I have almost finished the second block in my embroidery project "Cake Walk". It will be done in Taupes fabrics and I am useing a varigated brown  taupey cosmos thread.

We got in some fabric that was 80% cotton and 20% linen and it is a dream to embroidery on. I taught a class at the store on sunday on wool applique with some of the nicest ladies you will ever meet. I asked them if I could share pics with you all. They said I could,so here they are! 

I enjoyed their company and they accomplished so much. So proud of each of them! All for now, off to work, Martha.

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Kathleen Wall said...

Love to see more ladies enjoying the wool:) Keep stitching.