Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Block Exchange Results!

The Block Exchange with Brenda's saturday morning group has had its trade off last saturday morning. There were twelve of us and we each made our own 12 1/2 " block ,so we could end up with enough for at least a lap quilt or possibly two small quilts.  I dyed four of the blocks a tan color. and set them together. I then decided to make an asymmetrical border. I will show you the progression.

My block was one of the four that I dyed. It used to look like this...

 I also finished two more basket embroidery blocks and am now working on the 5th one. There are only nine in total.

 The thin white sheet in between the fabric and embroidery is a water soluable  called transfer ease. I can run thru printer as I copy pattern. 

 Off to take exchange quilt to quilter, Martha.