Friday, August 15, 2014

Pressing Onward

Starting a new Kim Diehl project with a little applique center medallion! I started by tracing and cutting out my shapes from wash away paper.  I then ironed them to the wrong side of the fabric and cut them out leaving  about an 1/8th " around to bring to the back so that I could glue it down with Fons and Porter glue stick, as you see below. I also have my stems which I cut 3/4" on the bias and ironed in thirds to achieve the smaller version of the stem I prefer.

Then came time for placement,which she does not give a layout for. Direction was given to iron fabric in half one way then unfold and iron the other way in half. From that point you were to eyeball it ,remembering to keep at least 1/4 " away from sides for seams. I used Roxanne's glue to baste my pieces in place. I am going to hand  sew them down, which is my preference.

So the next couple of evenings I will be busy with this as handwork.

I found this and drank it! Are you looking for your name?

Have you found it yet?

I forgot to show you a finished picture of "Laundry Day", pattern is by Kim Diehl.  Chit chat later,Martha.


Gayle said...

Martha - Nothing better than starting a new Kim Diehl quilt - guaranteed to be a great project! I'm still waiting for JoAnne Fabrics to get her new book in so I can buy it with a coupon - don't know why it takes them so long! Argh!

Raewyn said...

Oh I like our finish - the colours really glow in it! And your new project will be lovely too - I love Kim's designs. Have you used the washaway paper before? I have bought some but not used it yet.

Karen said...

I like the colors you are using for the applique block.