Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ducks in A Row

These are the baby ducks born this past spring in our back yard. They are busy eating as much as they can in preparation for the  fall flight out.  

I have been busy making four blocks for my guild's block exchange.

We were all given fabric for the middle square and four small cornerstones (Star material). She is going to give this quilt (when done) to Quilts of Valor.

I have gotten back the last two quilts "Hopscotch" from Rebecca Anakkala, who quilted them. I have them bound and ready to hang.

I also have the fourth installment of Jeni of the Woolen Willow Designs blog put together and I am in the middle of sewing it down.

I took a few liberties and made it my own , hope she doesn't mind.

Chit chat later in the week, Martha.


BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Lots of lovely projects. What fun having the ducks around at least for a little while...:))

Karen said...

We have swans in our neighborhood lakes. One of the mama's hatched her eggs a few months ago. The nest was close to the road and a continual stream of cars stopped to watch. I saw the babies following Mama all in a row a few weeks ago.