Sunday, October 5, 2014

Increase In Alphabet

There has been an increase in Temecula's alphabet since our last chat session. H and I have been added .  I have a few pics to show you....

I like all the color!  I also had a few Halloween fat quarters laying around and decided to do something with them. I first cut 6 1/2 " squares from them and sewed them into a 6 by 6 block flimsy. I then added a 4 1/2" border . I only decided on that because that is how much of the grey fabric that I had left in the scrap bin. I am now making petals or doing a peel sort of thing along the seam lines of each square. I am appliqueing them down with a blind hem stitch and monofilament thread on top.

44 1/2 " square

I will show you a little bit more as I finish it! Have you been making anything for Halloween? Chatter later, Martha.

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