Thursday, March 5, 2015

Life can be Hectic

We all have periods where we are bored and life seems to be either on pause  or definetly on slow  motion. Right now mine seems to be on fast forward and with some glitches. I make a docter's appt. a month in advance and then two days before the doc cancels.  I make an appt. for taxes and they cancel me too!  In other words I wish to move along at  a faster pace but no one seems to be accomodating. Such is life.....

I have finished another Kim Diehl pattern "Village Square". I have a couple of picsfor you....

                                          Bound and quilted.

I finished my turtle block of "Wooly Critter Sampler".

I have prepared two more blocks for stitching at night also.

I also recently got back my flannel quilt from the quilter's (Laura Shogren) quilted this one.  

only 1/3 of the quilt
I have the binding sewn on the front and will start hand sewing to the back ,  tonight while watching" The Blacklist".  I will get a better picture of it when finished with binding . Hopefully the weather will be better and I can take an outdoor picture.   Chat later, Martha. I am connecting up with  Fiber of all Sorts .

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