Monday, April 13, 2015

Drop Off The Earth?

No I did not drop off the earth, just went to visit my kids and grand kids for Easter. Mr. Sew and I enjoyed spending time with them all! I saw a few of my friends too!  We did the trip back in record time , and unfortunately my sciatica has been bothering me ever since.  So in between the ice packs and and the hot packs, I have been doing a little sewing as you will see below....

This quilt is called "Cloud Nine" by Kim Diehl.
In each 4 1/2 " unfinished block there are29 pieces.  An what gave me a thrill was the look of the back....

So cool the way it lays so flat!

We had our first meeting of "Simple Whatnots" and we had some show and tell too!

Sharon brought a courthouse steps quilt she had made as a gift.She said she had another cut out and it ws for her.

This is Mary Theuer's quilt she brought! The shop owner is standing to the right (Susan).  Mary is on the left. Her quilt has a courthouse steps block in it too!

This week end some shops are banding together for a shop hop,so it will be busy at work. I am off on thursday and will be visiting some of them. I hope to bring you back some pics. Enjoy your week, Martha.

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