Sunday, November 1, 2015

So So Week

This week has been a blah week. Not only with the weather, overcast and wet and cold. But also with the sewing.

My Halloween embroidery quilt got finished. Take a look at the top right hand block. I used a yellow, orange and red  crayon to color in around the moon and witch. I was trying to mask the fact that when I washed out the transfer ease the thread bled . I used two different skeins of thread, so it did not happen with all the blocks, only two of them. I tried Synthropol and I also tried a color catcher. Neither helped. I ended up giving it to a friend for her to quilt for a charity or crisis quilt. I new every time I would look at it I would see The black wave of color.

Just a close up of crayon work.Now a little bit of Farmer's wife to show off...


#78 old maid

This week I also went thru my yearly mammogram, everything fine. It is breast cancer awareness month.  I also had a colonoscopy, everything fine there also. Please do what you can to keep yourself healthy!

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Karen said...

Perhaps if you used color on all your blocks, the smudge of black would not have been noticeable. But you found a good use for the piece in the end.