Thursday, December 10, 2015

Charm Square Runner

I finished a charm square runner for the store. It is so cute!

The binding is laying on the lower side. It is the same as the frames around the 5" charms. The pattern has two sizes, small (with 6 framed pieces) and large (with 8 framed pieces).

This is the large one.

 I also had a very pleasant experience in quilt prep . Lisa from Primitive Gatherings has been talking about for a long time (3 years,that I know of) about spray starching your fabrics and letting them dry naturally. Then when dry to steam press them. Less distortion and less fraying when doing small things. Also , she sells a handle to put on those spray starch cans. Just so happens that my darling hubby had one of these that he did not use. I have confiscated it and put it my collection of gadgets!  I love it! No way is he getting it back.

You can't see my floor until some of these dry....

Chatter with you later,Martha.


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Karen said...

Pretty colors. Like the ocean.