Sunday, January 31, 2016

What I Have Been Working On

I have been busy  making examples of ways to use wool patterns. To help show their versatility.

I used a dinner plate to draw around and cut a base for some wool leaves that I distributed around in a pleasing manner. Once whip stitched down, I cut 1/4" away from leaves and traced shape onto a piece for the base.  I then blanket stitched them together for a cute candle mat.
I have also made a couple of dish towels using two different methods also.  One I did in raw edge applique using another part of the pattern.

On the other dish towel I did  the other with needle turn applique with another part of the wool pattern.

I then decided to show the pattern  using it as an embroidery pattern on a pillow....

All of the above were inspired by this pattern.
I have my first meeting of  "Little Gatherings"   this Tuesday.  Remember when you get a wool pattern there are lots of things that can be done with it! Chatter with you later.

1 comment:

Karen said...

I like the piece with the sunflower in the middle and leaves surrounding. An unusual design. Love fall colors.