Sunday, February 28, 2016


Today I have been busy cleaning house and doing laundry. Thought I would earn a few extra points so that I would feel better sneaking away to the sewing room. I have my "Splendid Sampler" blocks all caught up.
Block 2 ...
Still have to embroidery the antennas

Block 3...

Block 4...

Block 5 

I have my Thimble Creek sew-a-long caught up too!...

Step 2

Step 3

" Linen Closet Quilts" with Dawn Heese Those two blocks are being worked on as we speak, so tonight as we watch 
"The Walking Dead" hopefully they will be finished!

This is an autumnal Tree of Life block.

So a very busy Sunday for me how about you? Martha.


Karen said...

You have accomplished a lot of stitching. I like the fabrics you are using for the Splendid Sampler.


You are busy stitching right along and keeping up with all your projects--great color choices--
love and laughter, di