Sunday, May 15, 2016

Wind Not Cooperating

I was trying to take a picture of a flimsy that I just finished. The wind would not be still long enough to get a good pic. Here are  4 pics that are so so. I will wait until it comes back from the quilter's to get a better one....

I visited all three sides of my deck, none worked. Oh well. I had just the right brown batik in my stash for the backing ( It was 108" wide.)  The jelly roll was moda's Lizzie's Legacy by Betsy Chutchian. The pattern was by Villa Rosa called "The Lady" and was 54" x 72". All I needed to add was 1 yard of fabric, which was brown linen.Chatter with you later, Martha.


Shasta Matova said...

It is a beautiful quilt and the photos are gorgeous! The movement makes it so much more lively.


Even in the wind the quilt is beautiful--
great job--
love and laughter, di