Thursday, July 28, 2016

Something Fishy

During the fourth of July weekend there is a craft fair held in the local park. This is held every year. I usually just go and browse , not really looking for any thing special. This year there was something that really peeked my interest.... Fish Leather.  It is a real leather and must be treated as such. They make wallets ,bracelets and coin purses from it.

These are a few pieces, though not very big , I thought I would use some in place of some woolin my "Lisa's Flower Garden" quilt. A small bag cost me $5.00. Not too bad.

If you click on the pics it will enlarge them so that you can even see the scales.  But it feels just like any other leather.

I have bought 2 different patterns by two different designers for the exact same bag.  The reason I did this was because they are both written terribly! Can hardly understand them. I thought maybe where one was lax perhaps the other would be clearer. No such luck. However when combined they both have some lovely pics that really help.  I made the bag two days ago and have future plans to make more for christmas presents. I really enjoyed making it , once I started understanding the process. I will concead that I a not a bag person normally, but this is an exception.

Also my son and his family came to visit and we are celebrating my DG birthday...

Chatter later, Martha.

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BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Sure like the bag. I'm not good at directions so I won't try that....grin. Turned out great!