Monday, August 8, 2016

Little Gatherings and More

We had our " Little Gatherings" class last Tuesday and had quite some lovely show and tell.

Ellie showed us the project pouch and patterns she recieved as she finished the south east section of the shop hop.

Carol had several things to show us. The first was a hanky she recieved during the very first shop hop ten years ago.

A quilt started from the present shop hop fabric.

She also had some duck embroidery on quilt blocks!

Cute fabric to finish it out.

Mary  had a couple of quilts to show also. Red , white and black is always popular. This was a finish from one of  our guild's classes.

This is Mary.

A Kim Diehl house quilt.

This is Linda's quilt from Cherrywood fabric.

This is Linda.

This is another quilt useing Laurel Birch fabric.

Paula showed us her 4 " Mississippi Crossing block. This was the block we were working on today.

Hope you all enjoyed the picture show, catch you later. Martha.

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Karen said...

The Minnesota handkerchief is a very thoughtful souvenir from a shop hop. Unique item.