Wednesday, January 17, 2018


January is a cold month in Minnesota especially. I have finally switched my Christmas tree quilt for my blue 30's quilt.

There are 3 appliqued bluebirds on it, if you can find them. I have been hand  quilting on my quilting frame downstairs and enjoying it. May not be the best at it yet but i will keep plugging at it. I am am more of a big stitch( Kim Diehl) quilter. I have been using 12wt. Aurifil on it. Give you a pic when I get further along. I thought perhaps you might like a little show and tell from Cherrywood fabrics. I have some pics they let visitors take at an open house of thier Van Gogh exhibit. They only had about 175 quilts there at the time , it will take more than one blog post. This is only a small portion of what they recieved. 

None of these were the big prize winners even though they are fantastic! More later! Martha

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