Sunday, June 10, 2012

One Finish

Well I finished the Snow Happens table runner by Bird Brain.   It is bound and quilted.

I also finished three more blocks for  my Remembrance quilt.

I also went to Pequot to pick up a quilt from Mary Hammer , my quilter.

That  is the face of creativeity !!  It is in her smile and what she does.  She finished my redwork Alice In Wonderland quilt .  I have decided to round the corners and bind with the red  batik ,not the red 3o's fabric. Whenever Alice had big changes in her life (dad dieing and marriage to someone she did not love)  she retreated to Wonderland until she battled thru the crisis in her heart and mind. When she then,  could live with the decisions  or comprimises,  she must make to move forward in her life (both old and new combined) . So the binding will be mostly batik with a splash of the old 30's in the mix. When I finish binding I will show you the back!!!

If you always do the same thing you will always have the same old thing. Spark your life up a bit. Martha

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