Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Review of Old Talents

I have not sewn clothes for a long time, may be  15  years.  I take that back I think I made one grand daughter some tee shirts or tops three years ago. But that is about all. But I must have caught a bug somewhere because I recently decided thatI needed a light jacket or cover top. I am growing an affection for batiks, slowly , very slowly. So I thoughtIt should be made from that!  I chose a pattern that I liked the look of from CNT patterns  called  A LITTLE SOMETHING 

I finished it in one day, it only had 3 pattern pieces, no  buttonholes,  and no interfacing !  The only thing I did different was to use blind hem stitch on my machine to hem sleeves and around front facing because I like the look better than just a straight stitch.

Sorry about pic  being sideways.  But I just learned how to rotate pics. You see even a computer illiterate like me can blog!! Anyway I will wear the  jacket tomorrow at work. Ta Da!

I have also began a new quilt called Remebrance by Carol Hopkins of Civil War Leagacy. I saw my friend's Mary Ann's quilt and was quite stunned as it was beautiful and was something to be quite admired! So I have my first two blocks to show you today.

Tomorrow is the kick - off for our Buck Blocks summer program. For $1.00 a week for 12 weeks ($12.00 total) you get fabric for twelve blocks , pattern for block and some ideas for different settings. Not a bad bargain!!  All for now, Martha

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Anonymous said...

I love your two blocks, and that fabric in the center is fabulous. Thanks for sharing those.

dezertsuz at gmail