Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Buck Block Begins

esterday our summer buck block program began.  So for twelve weeks and only $12.00  each participant will receive directions to make a block and also receive different settings to possibly use to put together a quilt.  Here is a pic of my block with batiks used. With a little help from my friends I was able to put together today!


I only did the one block but thought I would give you differnt angles to look at.

Also with many designers blogging about spring market, I had heard many good things about a cotton and wool quilt book called Elegant Quilts ,Country Charm.  It is by The Quilted Crow Girls from Australia. 

There are so many lovely projects that it will be hard to choose one to begin. Let me share a few. This is  an excellent book for inspiration!

Directions are excellent  also. Take time to look up this ladies on the web, well worth your time.

Each moment is precious sometimes you must hang on tight for the ride.  Martha

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