Friday, October 18, 2013

Home again !

We have made it back home safe and refreshed! So nice to see everyone but also good to see home and no snow yet!
I have gotten the laundry done and filled the fridge with necessities such as milk eggs and bacon. All the unpacking has taken place and the sewing has begun! All the important stuff right?

I purchased some colorful flower  fabric with a 24" repeat, about 5  1/2  yards worth. I need six repeats so that I might be able to make my  kalidoscope hexagons.

I next determined how big of a hexagon I wanted to make and from that I concluded I needed 4 1/2 " strips for 4 1/2 ",  60* degree triangles.  I cut 5 strips of 4 1/2 " before I came back around to my first cut position again .  The amount of strips will vary because of the size of strips you decide or your size of hexagon!

Once you reach  your first ,from then on keep each next strip repeat together with its mates.  Lay six strips that are identical,matching edges  and cut a 60* degree triangle. Continue down the strip. I got 11 cuts (or 11 hexagons ) from each strip. I have sewn a few up. None have their center seams sewn.

I have also started a crazy quilt. Finished doing what machine sewing on this.  Now I need to do some hand embroidery and will add some beads.

Got a start on some sewing  and my quilter called today and left a message that she has two of my quilts done. So will pick them up tomorrow. Chit chat with you later,Martha.

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Raewyn said...

Interesting to see what you have been up. I'm pleased you described how you cut/sew the hexagons, I was wondering why you needed so much fabric! Thanks also for the photos from the quilt show, a good variety. I hope you got those candle mats stitched on your travels - it will be nice to have a few more finishes!