Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What can you do with nine fat quarters?

Apparently quite a bit!  I cut each fat quarter up into 2 1/2 " strips which are used for two different table runners by " Jaybird Quilts"  Julie Herman.  First one uses the sidekick ruler and ends up measuring 18" x 44".  I added  some dark  grey backround  to the mix.


This one is called "Seaside"  It is just a flimsy right now.

The next tablerunner is called "Tasty" and is 17 1/2"  x  40 1/2.   It uses the hex  n more ruler. 

Julie Herman gives you a pattern you may copy on template plastic and make your own template with each pattern.  I still have a handful of 2 1/2 " strips, so perhaps I will make another small quilt.  Chit chat with you later, Martha.

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