Sunday, May 11, 2014

Gudrun Eurla of G.E. Designs

Gudrun Eurla will be teaching a class for our guild tomorrow and then  speaking in front of our guild later in the evening. We are all looking forward to hearing her. I will take her class also as I have one of the best bosses and has let her entire staff go to this while she mans the store. I have my bobbins wound and most of my stuff packed. However I would like to clean and blow out my machine before I pack it up. I have finished another embroidery block....

I have exchanged my month of September with another for this month on our block exchange for our guild.  I have some pics to show you.  The block I picked was from Bonnie Hunter's book " String Fling "  .  

Sew several bright strips in varying sizes ( from 3/4" to 2" ) together. Each strip must be at least 8" long. Then press all seams in one direction.

Cut one end even, making sure to get all selvages off.

Even though I was sewing straight lengths of fabric, I turned my ruler so as to get a bias  5 1/2" square  out of strip.  Notice direction of strips in squares, very important!!  I need 4 - 5 1/2" squares for 2 blocks from each individual. I will cut them in half when I get them back and use them to make blocks like this....

I love useing up my scraps, it is like getting a quilt for free! Chatter later, Martha.

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