Friday, June 13, 2014

Chi- town

This is the face water fountain , different faces appear on it . At the moment it was a woman. Sometimes they wink and sometimes they smile at you and sometimes they blink. Then they spew water out. Water is always coming off it ,but sometimes it looks like they are spitting it at you!

This is a pic of my son and I eating Gellato at an outside grill and restaurant.
This is the view from my grandson's apartment.

Chicago river

Lake Michigan

Visitors were taking pics on top of this Bull, so we waited our turn. This is my son and his daughter and my granddaughter.

This is my grandson and his girlfriend.

My grandaughter and son.

This statue of face has the top part off and sitting beside it. It sits across the street from the face fountain.


That is it for today, next I brought home treasures. I will share pics next time! Martha

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