Sunday, July 20, 2014

In A Hurry

I have been rushing to get a quilt top finished .  I would like to have it basted by the Tuesday Morning Quilt group from our guild. They are some very busy ladies who meet at a local church and once a month they baste your quilt for the token of a pastry gift to go with their coffee. Although they have now changed their meeting date to the monday after our guild meeting. So maybe they will have to change their name also!  I also exchanged days I work so that I could get there.  I finished putting the top together last night and have just to iron the back and I will be finished. So I will show you some pictures of the progression of work......

The blocks are taupes, greys and browns, and the embroidered blocks are made with a varigated brown thread. I don't think you can tell from the pic ,but their is a small pink/brown flange in the small dark brown border.  This pink/brown fabric will eventually be the binding.  I want it basted so that I may practise a little hand quilting. I don't think I will hand quilt the whole quilt,but at least part of it.  I need these ladies help as I do not have the open space to do this myself. Wish me luck!

I also finished two smaller projects this past week,which were a joy to work on.  I did one as the instructions said and the second I did in wool applique. 

Remember the pic of the yo yo's? Well here is the finished quilt put into a frame......

I got the frame at a flea market in Hackensack.  Took out the picture inside and recovered the backing cardboard and placed the small quilt.  This one I hand quilted , as I could not get very close to peels with my quilting foot. After I finished this one with yo yo's , I thought it would look neat with wool applique but same pattern more or less. This wool one I machine quilted.

All for now as I have much to do as the County Fair is in a week.  I have volunteered to sell tickets for our guild's quilt there. Chatter later,Martha.

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mauer1996 said...

Love it all, from the framed one to the colors of the first one