Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hen Pecked

I finished "Hen Pecked" in Kim Diehl's series of Simple Whatnots II ! It is a small piece, only 10 1/2 " x  11 1/2" .  But very cute! 

I don't think it looks quite as puffy in person as it does in these pics.

I also finished another mini by  Jaybird Quilts, Julie Herman. It is the mini of Science Fair .  I used an eight step from Cherrywood fabrics for the solids and a variable multi stripe fabric for the second fabric. Instead of white I chose a black fabric which was hard on my eyes, believe me.I like the look it gave though.Random colorful circles!

I have also finished block #5 in "Wooly Critter Sampler" quilt.

So I must prep another for stitching for Downton Abbey  and The Blacklist  !  I had better get a move on as I have laundry and grocery shopping to attend to, thanks for the chit chat, Martha.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

True Blue

I just finished Kim Diehl's " True Blue"  quilt with binding and combined hand and machine quilting.  I used this stencil....

along each side border and hand quilted it there. I did machine stitch in the ditch around each block.

I have also started my fourth block for my "Wooly Critter Sampler " quilt....

It is a squirrel just in case you can't tell!  I only have a few leaves stitched down so far.  I also went to pick up a baby quilt from Rebecca Anakkala who had finished my Zen Chic  quilt....

It is a modern pattern  with Cherrywood background and a vintage charm square pack. So it is a  modern/vintage combo. And that is what she did with the quilting too! I am so happy with it! I am hopeing with the next few pics that you can see some of the feathers(vintage) and some of the hexies (modern) she has quilted in.

Right now I have four quilts that need to be bound and one queen size one at the quilter's(Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt). Be patient with me.  Chit chat later,Martha.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Moving Forward

One should be always looking forward towards the next thing on your list.  Lately I have been able to do this!  I have two things going on my list right now , one of them is Kim Diehl's Simple Whatnots II collection. They are simply divine!! I finished the first one that is a bonus pattern....

I got my berries on , quilted and bound. Love it .  The second one is a blue and cream one, only about 23 1/2" by 23 1/2" big.

I have it layered and need to start quilting it next.  I recieved my alphabet  quilt back from Rebecca Anakkala who quilted it for me.   Hopefully you can see some of the quilting from the back....

To me this is a  clamshell design.  Here is the front...

So now I must find time to bind this also.

I have finished my owl block of my "Wooly Critter Sampler" as shown here...

Still have some time this afternoon to prepare another block for hand stitching while watching " Downton Abbey", chatter with you later, Martha.

Friday, January 23, 2015

This and That

I have been doing a little handwork at night and have finally finished this block......

I now have started this block for the same quilt by Brandywine Designs called "Wooly Critter Sampler"......

Pictures taken different days same counter in kitchen. Same camera!

Next, I have started some of Kim Diehl's , Simple Whatnots II....

This is a bonus quilt .  I still have seven berries to sew on and the binding to sew down.  Might do a little hand quilting to go with the machine quilting. All for now, chatter later,Martha.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Happy Sewing

I am doing some happy sewing today! I have so far made a batch of chocolate chip cookies, cleaned up the kitchen, the laundry is done ,swept the floors and prepared this block for stitching while  watching Downton Abbey....

I have also finished four blocks of the hexagons......

I just have to cook dinner before I commence stitching!  Such a lovely sunday! How about you?

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Finally a Post!

I felt I could not do a post until I had Bonnie Hunter's "Grand Illusion"  all put together to show you.   I took it to the quilter's yesterday, but rest assured I took some pics before I did that. Might be a few pics after I get that back, too!  

A look at the borders.

It felt good to finish and move on to some ufo's to finish.

I have a hexagon flower one I am working on. I have finished two more blocks this past week....

These have a backround piece of Kim Diehl's fabric line "Hearthside Seasons" from a couple of years ago.  The hexagons are made from two charm packs of "Jelly Bean" by Laundry basket Quilts.

I also finished one more block of a quilt I had started about two or three years ago, let me show you first the block I had already finished  then....

Last night I finished another.....

It is wool and flannel , the pattern is "Wooly Critter Sampler" by Brandywine Designs (Linda Hohag is the designer, a Minnesotan lady).  It will have a scrappy backround.

 So I am out of my sewing tunnel with Bonnie Hunter, yeh!!! Stay warm and stay safe , chatter with you later, Martha.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Simple Whatnots Show and Tell

We had our monthly meeting for Kim Deihl's "Simple Whatnots " club and had some really good show and tell, so I thought I would share with you.

                             This was made by Lorna Wiens!

                 This was a stand 'n stow from Deb Whitlock.

showing the reverse side.

One of our Kim Diehl projects.

 This is Sandy Baker's quilt, a lovely scrappy one!

This Paula Murray's hand applique block for her dear Jane quilt.

This is Mary Amiot and her small quilt "Laundry Day" .

Gail Temple has her small quilt ready to bind.

This is Gail's large scrappy quilt she brought to show us, just beautiful!

It is fun to share and we all enjoy each other's company, chatter with you soon , Martha.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Pics On A Grey Day

I took some pics outside today to see if they would come out any better. It was not a bright day , kind of grey.

This next quilt was made from Edyta Sitar's fabric and recently came back from Rebecca Annakala ,who quilted it!

Chatter soon, martha.