Saturday, May 30, 2015

Working On

I have another block for "Sophie's Garden" prepped and started.....

I started a new pieced quilt called "Sassy" by Quilting on the Curve.  This designer lives not to far from me and she lives on a curve!  She has visited our guild in the past couple of months. Here is my first block of the nine needed for the quilt.

The block itself is a large one about 21 1/2 " square.  But I love the colors! They are all Kaffe Fasset fabrics.

I have also been doing a project in the garage with my husband. All I helped with was standing and holding things so they would not move. Wiped off glue with a wet rag( his fingers and some wood pieces). Gave some advice (not always taken).  Provided companionship thru the process. 

This is to hold quilts and stand about 5'9" tall and will come out about !5" from the wall you put it against. I don't have one of those nice antique ladders to display quilts on, but this should do. It has been sanded but I need to get him some wood putty to fill in those small nail holes before I can stain it.

nails in sides.
I am also debating on whether or not to put a shelf onto the top.

Chatter more later, Martha.

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Karen said...

The basket of applique flowers is very pretty.