Thursday, August 30, 2012

My First

Yes we all have firsts and this will be my first and it might be my last. I do it for love, for my grandson and for quilting and the learning curve. What am I talking about ,you say? Why , my first tee shirt quilt!

So far these are the pieces that I have to work with. I am going to put some plain , empty, no word pieces in so that people can put thier signature on it with a marker and add to the keepsake and memory quilt. I also have two yards of this fabric to mix it with.

I am going shopping for 3-4 blues to go with these also. My friend Mary Ann found some pics of tee-shirt quilts to give me some ideas .  So I am off on another fabric shopping spree, someone has to do it! martha


shez said...

this will look great Martha.xx

Eric Hollis said...

This is so cool