Monday, August 20, 2012


Worked today on my Remembrance quilt by Carol Hopkins.I got two rows put together out of the five.

I do have another row ready to be added to other two, but had to do a few other things today also. I have my last Temecula Quilt  Co. block done also.

There were some pics that I did not post concerning The Wizard of Oz .

This is the carridge that took scarecrow,tin man, lion and Dorothy to get cleaned up and presentable for the Wizard. It was also owned ,  at one time by President Abe Lincoln.

That's the tin man, oh! I mean my hubby who took me shop hopping!

The real ruby slippers were stolen a few years back and never found, at least as yet. There were actually three pair used in the film ; one in the Smithsoneum Museum and one in a private collection.  Somewhere out there a stolen pair!  Chatter at you later, Martha.

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