Monday, June 17, 2013

Keep On Rolling

Projects do have an end , it is just sometimes they seem to go on forever.  The last time you saw this it was a flimsy. Now I have it bound and quilted with a stitch in  the ditch.

I am still plucking away at my diamond hexie.  There are more black hexies sewn on.  So some progress has been made.

Now I have finished the paper piecing part of my table topper from the book "Runners Rock" class. I now need to put together, add border and the wool applique.

No idle fingers here will chit chat later. Martha

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Gayle said...

Wow - You've been busy working on three very fun projects! Your hexies are looking really good - love the black sashing between the blocks - and the paper piece pineapples have wonderful colors in them. That first quilt is from Pam Buda, right? I recently made that one too. Thanks for all the great pictures