Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Is Your Grandson's Wife your Granddaughter?

I have been doing  few small quilts for my grandson's wife. Do I call her my granddaughter?  She wants mainly grey quilts , so I have been doing a lot of scrappy. She got herself a quilt ladder at a antique fair last summer. I am helping her fill it up.

I made 175 of these nine patches which measured 2 3/4" each. I proceeded to make a small 45" square quilt.

                                       I like this one a lot!

This one is a bit larger, 68" x 68". The pattern is called "Gertie". I will be making one of these for myself later. I have a retreat later in January and will be working on another for her. Now I must work on cutting out the pieces. Chatter later, Martha.

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